Fleabitten Bargain - w/ Lexi Newman

It's the annual Oakdale Historical Society's Arts & Crafts fair and Wanda is freaking out. In an attempt to appease her neighbor, Ellen recruits Joe and Wishbone to help out at Wanda's booth selling her forest inspired crafts. But while there, Joe is enticed by the enigmatic yet seedy inventor Dr. Montana, who tries to convince Joe to trade his beloved pooch for a VR Machine called the Wish-O-Matic. Meanwhile, somewhere in Germany in the 1600's, a smart yet restless inventor named Faust is bored with life. His prayer is answered by the devil himself, Mephisto, who offers him an opportunity to go anywhere and go anything Faust desires. But not all wishes are a dream come true, and Faust finds himself trapped in a nightmare that seems inescapable. To analyze today's episode, we bring in Faust-expert Lexi Newman, who gives us the down low on what really went down at that devilish party.