Sniffing The Gauntlet - w/ Matti Frow

Special guest Host Matti Frow, Youtuber and Actor extraordinaire joins todays episode. The perfect host to bring on for this classic tale by Sir Walter Scott, from Matti's homeland in the UK. Ivanhoe one of the remaining Saxons during a time where the Normans have taken reign of the land. He returns to find his family and homeland met by great strife and challenges. The king will put him to the ultimate test, as he must save his dear newly beloved Rebecca. Meanwhile in Oakdale, Sam is tasked with leading her people in a spelling bee. Amanda's team has set forth a challenge as well, but something unforeseen and dangerous knocks Sam out of the competition. Will David rise to the occasion? Will Amanda the Normans of Oakdale defeat Team A's saxon faction? Find out in this latest installment of Wishboning.