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The Great Outdoors?

Wellness and Nature pairs as perfectly as peanut butter and jelly. Getting into Nature is often an all-natural remedy for many of life’s ills, but the Great Outdoors has not always been nice to Black People. On today’s episode, we are tackling the stereotype of why Black people don’t camp (and other similar stereotypes) to see where they came from, why they persist, and how we can fight to dead them. 

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

    1.    Alana- Serius Innovation- Black Owned Performance Gear Brand with a commitment to innovation and excellence (

    2.    Jac- No Tox Life (@notoxlife)- Mother & Daughter team making vegan body + home products(

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We Hereby Refuse

Cross-Racial solidarity is the fuel that powers this podcast machine.We believe it’s essential to understand the perspectives and history of others in order to build a unified, compassionate tomorrow.On this episode, we sit down with Tamiko Nimura to discuss her experience writing on the topic, how Black Excellence chose her, and how writing a memoir just might be the ultimate form of healing. Check it out!Put Your Money Where Your Mouth IsTea Street (@teastreetdenver)- Sibling owned tea shop serving up Hong Kong style milk teas and more Roller (@moonlightroller)- Female Vet owned mobile skate community and skate rental service who make roller skates that are fly AF Up With Tamiko Nimura:Website: We Hereby Refuse Here: Out Her Writing Here:““Keywords for Being Nikkei In A Time of Racial Reckoning”“On Being Nikkei and Cross-Racial Solidarity”“Break, Burn, Hoard: For A Lost Atlas of Afro-Asian Worlds” with Vince Schleitwiler)Discover Nikkei Website: us on Social Media:@blackandyellowpodcastAlana J. Webster: @renegadeoffunKaytie Ohashi :@disvillainsscholar / Podcast:@wwofdisvillainsTikTok:@disvillainsscholarEmail us: