Black & Yellow


Should Black People Wear Sunscreen?

** DISCLAIMER- In the process of editing this episode, we came across a problem with the audio file. A staticky noise crept in at about the 30 minute mark. That sound is wildly unpleasant, and we did not want to subject your ears to that noise for an extended period of time. Please forgive the strange jump cut mid show, and please know that it was due to an audio issue we caught too late. ***

Do Black People need to wear SPF when their melanin is inborn sunscreen? If Black don’t crack, does it get sunburned? Black People don’t get skin cancer, do they? These questions are all related to a larger conversation about sun protection in the Black community. Truth is, there is a gap of knowledge and long-term clinical studies about how the practice of sun prevention affects African Americans. Many myths exist, but in this episode Alana & Jacklyn shine light on the politics of sun protection in the Black community.

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