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Queens Are Ageless

Black History Month is slowly coming to a close, so let’s end it on a high note! Today’s episode features a look into the future with a young, Black Queen who is on her come up, and inspiring young girls as she rises. She’s a rapper, an actress, and newest personality to join the Nickelodeon Universe.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth

    1.    The Wok Store- Stock your kitchen with Asian cookware, cookbooks, and beyond

    2.    Kaike (@shopkaike)- Fun + minimal plant based skincare for melanin rich skin

Keep Up With LAYLAY:

IG: @thatgirllaylay

Twitter: @ThatGirlLayLay_



Spotify: › artistThat Girl Lay Lay | Spotify

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** Check Out Her New Video**

Want To Help Texans?

    1.    Mercy Chefs- providing hot meals, clean drinking water, and USDA Farmers To Families grocery boxes in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area

    2.    Austin Pets Alive! - working to keep pets alive, warm, and safe during the freezing conditions

    3.    Caritas of Austin- helps those experiencing housing insecurity in the Austin area

    4.    Houston Food Bank- distributing food to those in need

    5.    Houston Children’s Charity- provides twin mattresses to children who lost them in the storm

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