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Dear White American Theatre

Broadway has been rocked, and not in the Queen musical kind of way. This Summer, Broadway BIPOC performers, writers, directors, and technicians banded together and wrote a letter to Broadway calling for change in an effort to make Broadway a more inclusive and actively anti-racist place for all employees. That letter began with the powerful words “Dear White American Theatre.” In this episode, we talk to a culture critic all about how Broadway is dealing with this letter, changes he has seen, and what the future holds for The Great White Way (no pun intended).

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S.T.E.M (aka Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is a simple acronym that is loaded with stereotypes mainly having to do with women, and their perceived lack of abilities to excel at these subjects.Since negative stereotyping exists about women in STEM, this has a direct impact on who chooses to pursue a career in a STEM field.On this episode, we talk to our favorite STEMinist (and fellow podcaster) about how to slay the Patriarchy in STEM, how to make STEM careers more welcoming and inclusive for women and people of Color, and talk about how confidence is a crucial ingredient for career success.Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:Alana- The Black Toy Store (@theblacktoystore) Online destination for hand- picked, curated children;’s toys, games, books, and gifts that reflect the beauty and diversity of the African diaspora Wonton in a Million (@wontoninamillion) Home of the DimSum Steam Team, an adorable group of characters inspired by dimsum.Show stationery, planner goodies, perch, and more. Up With Tiffany DawsonE: tiffany@tiffanydawson.coW: www.tiffanydawson.coIG: @tiffanydawson_Links: In: us on Social Media:@blackandyellowpodcastAlana J. Webster: @renegadeoffunKaytie Ohashi :@disvillainsscholar / Podcast:@wwofdisvillainsTikTok:@disvillainsscholarEmail us: