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Compassion and COVID Long Hauling

Living with Long Haul COVID-19 (or PASC as it is now clinically known) is a reality more and more people are living with every day.  While new details emerge about symptoms  of post- viral COVID- 19, it’s important to support loved ones, friends, or colleagues who are learning to live with this debilitating, new normal.  In this episode, we sit down with a very special guest to discuss the ways that we can support a COVID-19 Long Hauler with empathy, dignity, and authenticity.

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    The Black and Yellow Podcast is coming to a close, but have no fear, there are no tears here! Instead, join us in our final episode as we take a reflective trip down Memory Lane. Alana will be back next year with a brand new show helping you solve your feminist and culture related problems with her signature wit and DGAF attitude. Enjoy this last episode with a very special surprise guest. (OK, maybe there were a few tears. Better grab the tissue) Find us on Social Media:@blackandyellowpodcastAlana J. Webster: @renegadeoffunEmail us:
  • Classic: The Future Is Feminist

    Welcome to Very Literary August! This month we are all about the written word, and how those words meet our fingertips. This episode we are talking to an astute and brutally honest, young feminist writer who is taking us inside the fight for a feminist future. This convo is as hot as these August temperatures! Check It Out.Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:   1. Triple O Nail Polish (@ooopolish)- full      service nail polish, nail care, and accessories on a mission to diversify beauty in nail care (    2.    Marcus Books (@marcusbooks)- oldest independent Black bookstore in the country    3.    Private Policy (@privatepolicynyc)- sustainable, NY based genderless fashion brand who focuses on one social political topic per seasonFind Kylie on IG @kylietcheungFind Kylie on Tumblr at kyliecheung.tumblr.comBuy her book A Woman’s Place: Inside The Fight For A Feminist Future Buy her other book The Gaslit DiariesFind us on Instagram: @blackandyellowpodcastAlana J. Webster: @renegadeoffunJacklyn Chung Young: @jacklynchungyoungEmail us:
  • Black Male Relationship Experts?

    On today’s episode, I am talking to a Culture Writer about the rise of Black Male Relationship ‘Experts’, and the How-To-Find-A- Good-Man Industrial Complex.  Who are these harmful, cishet men who doling out chauvanistic relationship advice to Black Women? Where did the trend of the Black Male Relationship Expert originate, and why does it persist? How can we protect ourselves from these men? These questions will be answered and so many more. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:Blondery (@blondery)- Brooklyn-Based, Black Owned limited release cloud bakery that ships nationwide (@ashasuperfoods)- Popped water lily seed snack up With Tayo Bero:Read her writing here: @tayoberoTwitter: @tayoberoRead the article here: In: us on Social Media:@blackandyellowpodcastAlana J. Webster: @renegadeoffunEmail us:
  • Black Women’s Digital Resistance TRANSFORMED!

    On today’s episode, I am talking to Black Feminist Icon and Author, Dr. Moya Bailey. Dr. Bailey coined the term misogynoir in 2010, and since then the term has gone viral. She has an awesome new book out that she’s here to talk about, as well as how the term has taken on a life of it’s own and what that feels like, how people think they know Black women but they have no idea, and what the future holds for misogynoir.Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:Coral Oral- Black Owned toothbrush and oral care company (@keepyourcadence)- Refillable, Earth- Friendly capsules for all of your travel and self-care essentials Up With Dr. Moya Bailey:Twitter: @moyazbIG: @transformisogynoirWebsite: the book here:***Check out The Nap Ministry Here***:                                         IG: @thenapministry Find us on Social Media:@blackandyellowpodcastAlana J. Webster: @renegadeoffunEmail us:
  • Lets Get Minimal

    Let’s Get MinimalMinimalism is a design, lifestyle, and aesthetic trend that is gripping the Nation.  Forced to live with and deal with our stuff while the World was in Lockdown, people are making intentional decisions about how much stuff they need and want to live with.  Mainstream Minimalism imagery can be stark, rigid , and White Washed (both literally and figuratively) leading some to wonder If Minimalism  is for Black People?  Can we carve out a space that feels like it belongs to us in the White Washed world of Minimalism?  On today’s episode, I am sitting down with the Afrominimalist to discuss the answers to these questions as well as talk about her new book, The Afrominimalist’s Guide To Living With Less.Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:Crowns & Hops- (@crownsandhops)- Black Owned Craft Beer Brand & Brewery ( Asian Owned color hair clip and barrette brand Up With The Afrominimalist Website: @afrominimalist Twitter: @christineaplattFacebook: The Book: With Less: us on Social Media:@blackandyellowpodcastAlana J. Webster: @renegadeoffunEmail us:
  • Classic: Dear White American Theater

    Broadway has been rocked, and not in the Queen musical kind of way. This Summer, Broadway BIPOC performers, writers, directors, and technicians banded together and wrote a letter to Broadway calling for change in an effort to make Broadway a more inclusive and actively anti-racist place for all employees. That letter began with the powerful words “Dear White American Theatre.” In this episode, we talk to a culture critic all about how Broadway is dealing with this letter, changes he has seen, and what the future holds for The Great White Way (no pun intended).Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:Alana- Melanin Moments (@melanin_moments_)- wrapping paper featuring people of Color with a philanthropic twist ( Asian Veggies (@asian_veggies)- delicious, nutritious Asian veggies delivered to your door ( Up With Jose Solis:Twitter: @josesolismayenListen to Token Theatre Friends Podcast: us on Instagram: @blackandyellowpodcastAlana J. Webster: @renegadeoffunJacklyn Chung Young: @jacklynchungyoungEmail us:
  • POC Are OUT!

    POC Are OUT!In Part Two of  my conversation about The Great Resignation, I am sitting down with an amazing guest to discuss how the Great Resignation is affecting People of Color.  In this episode, my guest and I get real about the realities of remote work, how Corporate America has failed People of Color and what they can do to change, and how power and empowerment are a perfect pair.Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:The Trini Gee (@trinigeeisme)- Gifts that celebrate Black Culture and People. LA ( Delicate, simple, statement earrings Up With Janelle Reid:Website: http://www.divinecareersolutions.comIG: @janellereidBuy her book here: her article here: us on Social Media:@blackandyellowpodcastAlana J. Webster: @renegadeoffunEmail us:
  • Hasta La Vista 9 To 5

    The Great Resignation is alive and well in the United States, and affecting workers of all ages, genders, and across many different fields of work.  I have one question: How is The Great Resignation affecting women?  In this episode, we have a great guest on to answer this question as well as talk about what work women are seeking instead, and rewriting the rules of success.Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:-Milk and Honey Clay (@milkandhoney.clay)- customized minimal handmade clay accessories where 20% of profits are donated to anti-human trafficking organizations Radiance (@shearadiance)- clean beauty.  Effective ingredients.  Whipped shea butter to die for. Up With Debra Boulanger:Website: @deb_boulangerLaunch Lab: After Corporate Podcast: to know what you should be charging?: Dial 66866 and text the word PRICING for a Pricing CalculatorLinked In: Article: us on Social Media:@blackandyellowpodcastAlana J. Webster: @renegadeoffunEmail us:
  • Classics: The Bamboo Ceiling

    Asian Americans are the most represented racial group in white-collar jobs, but not in higher level managerial positions. In this episode, we explore the reason why, and give you ways to break through the bamboo ceiling.Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:RIFRUF (@rifrufqueens)- Designing driven dog shoes www.rifrufqueens.comPaper Project (@paperproject_ny)- Natural and functional products made with Japanese paper yarn. Anti- Odor, Dry touch, Moisture Wicking www.paper project my.comFind us on Social Media:@blackandyellowpodcastAlana J. Webster: @renegadeoffunKaytie Ohashi :  @disvillainsscholar / Podcast: @wwofdisvillainsTikTok: @disvillainsscholarEmail us: