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Chessus Christ

Imagine a life without cheese, ice cream, or cow’s milk of any kind. For many Asian Americans and African Americans, we don’t have to imagine this.  Lactose Intolerance is a digestive disorder that affects Asian American and African Americas.  Why?  Check out this episode to find out.

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As Pandemic living comes to a close and the World continues to open up more and more, it is easy to want to put COVID-19 in our rearview.But what about those who are living with Long- Haul COVID? What are they going through? How are they dealing with the aftershocks of a new and emerging virus?What is the New Normal of those living with Long-COVID, and how can we be compassionate and empathetic citizens to them as we adjust to our new normals?You don’twant to miss today’s conversation with two amazing guests who hold nothing back when they discuss their experiences, and how we can be the most supportive citizens for them.Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:A Tribe Called Queer (@atribecalledqueer)- Fly everyday t-shirts with an important message Beauty (@dragunbeauty)- cosmetics line designed for transgender people as well as beauty lovers of all shapes, skin tones and sexualities. Up With Our Guests:Fiona: Politic’s Website:’s What Happened When I Told Congress The Black And Ugly Truth About Long COVID Video: Fiona’s Writing:Long COVID Is Not Rare.It’s A Health Crisis Need to Talk About What Coronavirus Recoveries Look Like COVID-19 Patients Say They’re Losing Friends as They Recover’m 26. Coronavirus Sent Me to the Hospital vaccines protect us from 'long-haul Covid'? We need answers, coronavirus survivor group is my most important medical support right now, one knows why these Covid-19 patients’ symptoms keep relapsing, a Covid-19 survivor, I don't have blind faith in health experts. Here's why, COVID-19 patients are struggling to get doctors to listen. Here’s why., us on Social Media:@blackandyellowpodcastAlana J. Webster: @renegadeoffunEmail us: