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The desire to read books about how to be anti-racist plus the call to diversify your dollars and shop at Black Owned Businesses makes it a very interesting time to be a Black Bookstore Owner. We wanted to know what this time has been like for these entrepreneurs, and were lucky to chat with Katie Mitchell who is part owner of Good Books in Atlanta. You don’t want to miss this lively and honest conversation with Katie as she keeps it real about pushing publications during this unprecedented time. 

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:

    1.    Jac- Native Sol (@nativesol)- Handmade Creations and Vintage (

    2.    Katie- The Wylde Vintage- Atlanta based stylish clothing company (

    3.    Alana- Coddle (@coddledotco)- organic, plant-based postpartum care (

Keep up with Katie on IG & Twitter: (@goodbooksatl) it shop online at

*Don’t forget about Good Books for gifts! They have a book collection curating service Alana has used and LOVED to send books to a loved one!*

Katie’s Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Recomendation: Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah

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