Re-Visited Episode 114 Sean Martin - The Quarantined

This week in honor of Memorial Day, I invite you to revisit episode 114 with guitarist and Vocalist of the band "The Quarantined" and member of the Airborne Infinity Sean Martin. Thank you to all the men and women that have served and sacrificed for us civilian type people.

Sean Martin joins me on Uncontained this week. Sean is the singer/guitarist of the 3 piece band, The Quarantined. Sean has been singing since he was 4 years old and has lived a life filled with music. He graduated from the Musicians Institute in LA and had two of my past guests as instructors; Greg Harrison (guitar) and Edward Towner AKA Eddie Bower (recording). We talk about some of the lessons he learned at MI. We also dive into his musical influences which explains where his band gets their sound from. Sean also makes a great connection between the meaning of Uncontained and his bands' name, The Quarantined.

Make sure you check out their new album "Antiquate Hate" and visit their website for clips from their upcoming documentary. Before we kick off the interview, make sure you check out the track "The End" produced by legendary producer, G1. Plug in your earbuds, this is how Sean Martin lives Uncontained!







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