Episode 192: Chris Herren as Faust - Indulge In The Mystery

Ep. 192

Check out vintage pantomime and magician, Chris Herren better know as Faust, on this weeks episode of Uncontained. Chris breaks his pantomime character as we talk about his on-stage persona Faust, and how he developed the character.

Chris is a member and Castle Knight at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, he has also performed Jeff McBride's Wonderground in Las Vegas, won the grand prize on season 1 of Culture Clash Vegas-Magic Edition, and was recently contacted by America's Got Talent, so we just may see him on national TV soon.

We also talk about how his fight with cancer inspired him to create Faust, and how dealing with cancer inspired him to perform magic on a larger scale. Never has a conversation with a pantomime been so interesting. Plug in those earbuds, This is how Chris Herren A.K.A. Faust Lives Uncontained! 


Instagram: @chrisherrenasfaust

Facebook: @ChrisHerrenAsFaust

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