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  • 202. Episode 202: Melissa Celikovic - Résilience

    Actress Melissa Celikovic joins me this week on Uncontained all the way from Normandy, France. I first found out about Melissa when I was prepping for an interview with Filmmaker Antonio C.T. Melissa wrote and starred in a short film called Résilience that Antonio shot and directed. I'm excited to finally be able to talk to her about the film, meaning behind it, and the awards that it has won. Congratulations to both Melissa and Antonio on their win at the Holly Shorts Festival making Résilience now Oscar eligible. Make sure you follow Melissa on Instagram @Melbosnia

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  • 13. Revisited Episode 13: Big D Don black - Lucky 13

    Join the conversation as we revisit episode 13 of Uncontained. The original episode first aired on May 10, 2016 then with Program Director and on air personality at Lansing Michigan's WQHH Power 96.5, Big D Don Black. Don started doing radio when he was 16 years old. He has worked as an on air personality in just about every radio format besides country. With years of experience, Don has some great advice for both aspiring DJ's and musicians trying to get their music on the radio. Listen in as we share some stories and do our best to fix racism in America; or at least we have an open discussion about it.Don is currently on Jammin 98.3 in Milwaukee Wisconsin working the air from Noon - 2pm M-F and Saturdays 2pm - 7pm. The reason I re-released this episode is because eventhough it was released over 4 years ago it is still reverent today with an election approaching and racial tensions high with the civil rights movement spreading across the country. Please take a listen to this episode there are a lot of entertaining radio stories along with some good conversation about race, and in my opinion that is what is needed. Honest open conversation. plug in your earbuds this is how Big D Don Black Lives Uncontained!...At least 4 years ago.Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat: @bigddonblack
  • 201. Episode 201: Brian Marshall and Mike Thomas - Badgering the Guests

    This week I talk to they guys from Badgering the Hawkeye podcast, Brian Marshall and Mine Thomas, both radio personalities who worked at a competing radiostation of the station I used to work at in Eastern Iowa. We talk about the friendly competition between us, the times where we got to work together, why they started up their podcast Badgering the Hawkeye.Mike and Brian share how they got their start in radio, and what struggles and highlights they have experienced. Plug in your earbuds this is how Brian and Mike from Badgering the Hawkeye live Uncontained!
  • 200. Episode 200: Tom Garland - Comedy Quarantine

    Comedian Tom Garland Joins me to help ring in episode 200 of Uncontained! It's always great catching up with Tom and hearing his perspective as a comic of 10 years, a friend of the show since episode 1, and a friend from back in our Iowa days starting out. Wetalk about how his work as a comedian has been affected by Covid. Tom was working on the Hilarious 7 shows regularly, he was also set to shoot a half hour special at the Stratosphere on the Strip with Las Vegas production company 360 Films, which got shut down due to shelter in place. Things could have been worse tho because he was on talk with a cruise ship company to work the cruises, luckily he was not stuck at sea.. We talk about how the world of entertainment is going to change post Covid, especially stand up comedy. Will it be done mainly on Facebook or Instagram or comedy clubs and will the comedy club experience. It's time to plug in your ear buds, this is how Comedian Tom Garland Lives Uncontained!tomgarlandcomedy.com Trailer
  • 199. Episode 199: Priscilla Pfeiffer - Tried By Fire

    This week I talk to Priscilla Pfeiffer, a former Las Vegas dancer (think Cirque du Soleil, fire dancing, and snake charming--that kind of dancing!). Unfortunately, she had a forced career change due to a couple blown out knees. But being the type of person not to let fear scare her off (heck, she bought an 8' foot snake for her act before even touching a snake in real life!), it's no surprise that she didn't let the fear of speaking in public stop her from becoming a public speaker/ life coach/podcaster.In this episode we talk about how she made that transition and about the focus of her podcast "Spark Your Inner Fire for the Creative Mind." I had a great time talking to Priscilla and would recommend this episode to all creatives and people going through a transition; whether by choice or because they were forced to. Plug in your earbuds, this is how Priscilla Pfeiffer Lives Uncontained!Website is www.sparkyourinnerfire.comApple podcast: Podcast:
  • 198. Episode 198: Sylvan De La Cruz - Finding Your Mentor

    This week I talk to musician Sylvan De La Cruz on Uncontained. We talk about how Sylvan he met his music mentor HB Barnum. who was Aretha Franklin's music director for over 20 years as well as Ray Charles'. HB Barnum is a behind the scenes legend as well, at both Motown and Capital Records, and has worked with such artists as Barry White, Lou Rawls, Brian Wilson and even toured with the Beatles before they were a house hold name. Sylvan explains how HB's mentoring has has a profound influence on his musical development. Being a later bloomer as a musician, HB really helped him catch up and grow as a musician.Sylvan was invited to join HB's gospel choir gaining a lot of knowledge from the Choir members, and learned much from the experience performing everywhere from small hot sweaty churches in south LA to Walt Disney Concert Hall. We also talk about how working with the choir he has adapted some of the soulful feel in to his style of music. Make sure you stick around to the end of the episode to hear his track Champagne Overflow. Plug in your earbuds, this is how Sylvan De La Cruz Lives Uncontained!
  • 197. Episode 197: Langley McArol - Unapologetically Myself

    Langley McArol joins me on Uncontained to talk about how he is handling quarantine. These 'Uncontained from containment' episodes have been really fun because you never know where things will go when people aren't able to work on any projects. For some reason they have been longer than the average Uncontained interviews normally are, but that's just how the conversations have been flowing. I had a great time talking to Langley and discovered that we both have a very similar sense of humor and way of dealing with personal issues and traumatic experiences through that sense of humor.Langley shares some great advice about auditions, putting your best foot forward in front of casting directors, and not letting your imperfections get in your head and stop yourself from getting the job. He also shares what he looks for when searching for an acting coach. He believes it's essential to have a good coach and go to acting classes in person (or online like he has to do right now being quarantined). When it comes to chasing his dreams and passion Langley is like a pit-bull chasing after what he wants, so plug in your ear buds, this is how Langley McArol Lives Uncontained!!!!