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What was 2019's BEST tech?

Season 1, Ep. 388

JV ( @Joshua Vergara ) apparently doesn't know the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit -- BUT he is finally home from a long trip to Asia and he shares some thoughts regarding the emergence of an already on-the-way successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Foldables were such a big deal in 2019, but there was so much more to enjoy from this past year and decade, so Josh also shares a couple of his favorites from this past year. Join in on the conversation and share what your favorites from 2019 were in the comments sections!

Tech Community Roundup ---

 @Peter McKinnon  2019 gift guide: https://youtu.be/eKfpM4cBfwo

 @MrMobile [Michael Fisher]  reviews the Microsoft Surface Pro X: https://youtu.be/GtD48dr9T6A

ā€‹ @Jon Rettinger  recounts a significant year: https://youtu.be/GgStEiPsWYc


A new Samsung Galaxy Fold, ALREADY?!: 01:00

Tech Community Roundup: 05:36

JV's 2019 highlights: 08:03

Comments from last episode: 17:26

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Unpacked was a very interesting event, with Samsung announcing not just their Galaxy S20 line but also their latest foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip. Thunder E of Booredatwork joined me at the Samsung Creator's Lounge after the event wrapped up to talk about the Z Flip and why it's an interesting follow up to the Galaxy Fold.Our exit from Unpacked brought a major plot twist -- GSMA completely cancelling Mobile World Congress 2020. With the loss of one of the year's most important trade shows, Nick Gray of Phandroid shares his thoughts with JV. After years of MWC, its loss in 2020 automatically makes this one of the most unique and different times in the tech industry.Become part of the conversation on Twitter by mentioning @pocketnow and @jvtechtea with the hashtag #PNWeekly! Give your thoughts on the questions regarding the Galaxy Z Flip and the implications of social media in our headline-sharing society.Follow our guests!Thunder E of Booredatwork ---http://youtube.com/booredatworkhttp://twitter.com/booredatworkhttp://instagram.com/booredatworkNick Gray (Phandroid) ---http://youtube.com/phandroidhttp://phandroid.comhttp://twitter.com/phandroidhttp://twitter.com/nickmgrayFollow our host!Joshua Vergara (JV) ---http://youtube.com/joshuavergarahttp://twitter.com/jvtechteahttp://instagram.com/jvtechteaSubscribe:http://bit.ly/pocketnowsubhttp://pocketnow.comFollow us:http://flipboard.com/@Pocketnowhttp://facebook.com/pocketnowhttp://twitter.com/pocketnowhttp://instagram.com/pocketnowGraphics provided by:Motionvfx.com