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Are You Really Too Sensitive? with Erika Belanger

Ep. 161

Have you ever felt too much, and not enough at the same time? If you’ve ever been referred to as “too sensitive,” then today’s episode is for you. It will just be you and I, and I can’t wait to deep dive into sensitivity with you.

This week, I talk about what it means to be highly sensitive, the signs that you might be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), some possible pitfalls to your sensitivity, and the strengths you’ll find in being sensitive. We’ll also look at how to support your sensitivity so that you can stop believing that it is a problem in your life.

Know exactly how sensitive you are and receive tools tailored to your needs according to your answers! Take the quiz: How sensitive are you? 

Get full show notes and more information here: https://erikabelanger.com/161

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PREMIUM | Yoga for Overwhelm

Ep. 168
Are you tired but can’t sleep? Maybe you’re irritable and you could cry at the drop of a hat.  So much to do but no energy or motivation to do any of it? That my friend sounds like overwhelm. And today I have just the perfect practice for you.This short and calming yoga practice is part of our premium subscription, to get access to it, become a premium podcast member. When you leave a review for the podcast on iTunes you can have access to the membership for free, including today’s class as a thank you for helping others to find the podcast and on their healing journey. DM @onandoffyourmatpodcast or email (erika.belanger@gmail.com) me a screenshot of your review and we'll get you set up.On the membership platform, you'll find: 1. Your premium podcast episodes ($5/month). Just like before, as a member, you can get a ton of exclusive audio and video content like this yoga class of overwhelm. 2. You can now also have access to almost 400 recorded full-length yoga classes in a Netflix-Style Membership ($25/month). 3. You can sign up for any live-stream class I offer! With our podcast premium membership, your contribution ripples to thousands of people every week, allowing me to offer accessible quality free content to a wide community of yogis. This podcast is a way I contribute to the community, and this membership is a way you can too. It allows you to share everything yoga offers with the world by supporting me in the creation and production of this podcast while I choose to keep it ad-free.