Raasch Thoughts


I Am Different

What is wrong with being different? Is there strength in different thoughts, views and believes? Sometimes finding out how different you are can be a struggle or create a moment of soul searching.

This week I share my experience of truly feeling different as I battled leukemia. It wasn't years after this moment in life that I found and appreciated the message. Now I want to share that message with you.

This was a hard topic to discuss because it gets to the heart of being vulnerable and still believing in yourself even when being judged. And in this case I wasn't judged in a negative way, I was judged in a way that finally made me feel like I was sick and my hope for survival was slim.

When we find people that "different" embrace them, show them love and caring. They have something to offer this world. It is up to us to help them use their gifts to make us all better.