Raasch Thoughts


Life Lessons from my Leukemia

Leukemia is a tough, tough disease. I know. I battled it and one. I wasn't an easy fight and it is one that have mentally battled for years. Although I am seemingly healthy today, albeit a little gray and heavier than I would like, but healthy. As I read through blogs on the internet, I find all these 5 steps to success, 10 ways to peel a carrot and 147 small towns you must visit before you die type articles. And as I read them, most of them are common sense. So why do we need someone to remind us of the 17 steps it takes to properly brush your teeth each day? I'm not sure.

So I thought maybe I need to come up with a list. And here it is. My 5 lessons learned from battling leukemia. I took those lessons and applied them to the business world. These lessons are common sense and they can apply to any part of your life. Listen, enjoy and share this podcast. Maybe someone out there does need a little common sense boost today.