Raasch Thoughts


Get Control of Your Life

My experience of abuse has created a sense that sometimes I do not have control of my circumstances or situations. I feel that I can be manipulated if the right buttons are pushed.

This week I share a simple story about manipulation that resulting in me buying a shirt that I didn't want. What the event did teach me was I can recognize when I am triggered and being manipulated.

The awareness of the loss of control through manipulation is important to me because it helps me recognize when it is happening. Then I can adjust my approach to the manipulation so I gain control again.

What triggers you and allows you to be manipulated? What do you do about it when it happens? Do you even recognize when it happens? How can you find ways to gain control again?

Maintaining a certain level of control in your life will allow you to feel balanced and positive about what is happening in your life. Losing control makes us feel less worthy or even like a failure. Recognize when control is slipping through your fingers and make a mental shift to regain that control and create great feelings of accomplishment and self worth in your life.