Mostly Folk


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 446

Season 6, Ep. 446

Helene Cronin/Careless With A Heart/Old Ghosts & Lost Causes

Kinky Friedman/Resurrection /Resurrection

Paul Benoit/Sad Funny/Lost Days Long Nights

Ludgate/Between a Whisper and a Sigh/What the Camera Couldn't See

Kate & Anna McGarrigle/St. James Hospital (Cowboy's Lament)/Heartbeats Accelerating

Kinky Friedman/I Love You When It Rains/Resurrection

Ray Lambiase/Grace's Luncheonette/Kid Bayonne

The Rowan Tree/Tresor/The Rowan Tree

Tommy Sands/Who Killed JFK/ Fair Play To You All

Matt McCabe & Junior Barber/Famous Last Phone Call/These Adirondacks

Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes/Underground/Flying Backwards

Katie Dahl/Valmy/Wildwood

Ludgate/Almost Through/What the Camera Couldn't See

Gatehouse/Patrick Kelly's Waltz/Heather Down the Moor

The Princes Of Serendip/Never Desist When You Can't Resist/Yumpatiddly Bee: Silly Songs

Christine Lavin /The Liar Tweets Tonight/The Best Of Christine Lavin

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