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Redefining the modern day journey to parenthood that include information on egg freezing, IVF, and fertility treatments.

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  • S1 E13: Bonus Episode - Eggology Club

    DAILY YOKE Season 1 Bonus Episode "Having Faith In Your Eggs" features celebrity guest, Faith Salie, an Emmy-winning contributor to CBS News Sunday Morning, a panelist on NPR’s "Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!" and hosts the PBS show "Science Goes To The Movies."  Listen as Faith talks about her journey to motherhood and how freezing her eggs was the key to becoming a parent in her 40s. Faith also writes about fertility in her book, "Approval Junkie." She lives in New York City with her husband John Semel, son Augustus, daughter Minerva, and their dog. SEASON 1 EPISODE 13 SPONSORS SmartyPants Vitamins | Fertility Focus - OvuSense | Better App |  Vino Diva | Social Media @EggologyClub | +1 978-EGG-CLUB | |

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  • S1 E12: Q & A - Eggology Club

    DAILY YOKE You have questions and we have answers. Listen as Valerie and Stephanie answer your questions, emails, and voicemails. We address topics like how to tell your parents or partner about egg freezing, what are the differences are between eggs and embryos, how to financially plan or pay for cryopreservation, what kind of pain might you feel, what happens to your frozen genetic DNA material if you never use it, to how old is too old. Do you have an unanswered questions that you would like the answers to? Please call us at 978-344-2582 or email SEASON 1 EPISODE 12 SPONSORS Pregnantish  |  Uqora  |  Vino Diva | Social Media @EggologyClub | +1 978-EGG-CLUB | |
  • S1 E11: Egg Strategy - Eggology Club

    DAILY YOKE Top Cambridge University scientist, Dr. Emily Grossman is an expert in molecular biology and genetics. She joins the Eggology Club podcast as she sets out to combined her passions as a science broadcaster, writer and educator to make science cool for kids. Emily has always known she wanted to become a mother some day. Based on advice from her doctors, Emily explains how she froze her eggs multiple times to get as many as possible and take the pressure off becoming a parent right now. SEASON 1 EPISODE 11 SPONSORS FrzMyEggs App |  My Beehive |  Vino Diva | Social Media @EggologyClub | +1 978-EGG-CLUB | |
  • S1 E10: Birthday Deadlines - Eggology Club

    DAILY YOKE Political strategist Sarah Lenti talks to us about how she went against her family’s conservative values by undergoing egg freezing and a fresh round of IVF to become a single parent to a set of twin boys. Hear how Sarah’s journey to parenthood landed her all over CNN and what advice she has for others who hope to become parents. SEASON 1 EPISODE 10 SPONSORS Uqora |  Seattle Sperm Bank |  Vino Diva | Social Media @EggologyClub | +1 978-EGG-CLUB | |
  • S1 E9: Freezing Freedom - Eggology Club

    DAILY YOKE Travel enthusiast, blogger, entrepreneur, and founder of website Stephanie Linder explains what life events helped her make the decision to freeze her eggs, quit her stable job, sell all her belongings and stuff to travel the world. Listen as Stephanie describes what motivated her to move to Medellin, Colombia in South America, start this new chapter in her life, and begin an adventure of a lifetime chasing her dreams. SEASON 1 EPISODE 9 SPONSORS Opionato |  Nest Egg Fertility  | The Glue - Naula Fertility App |  Vino Diva | Social Media @EggologyClub | +1 978-EGG-CLUB | |
  • S1 E8: Doctor Shopping - Eggology Club

    DAILY YOKE Journalist Sarah Elizabeth Richards and author of book, "Motherhood, Rescheduled: The New Frontier of Egg Freezing and the Women Who Tried It" joins the girls from Eggology Club podcast to discuss her journey navigating the early days of egg freezing. Learn about Sarah's personal story shopping for doctors and clinics, her advice for women thinking about using the technology of egg freezing, and why we think she is technically is our "Guinness World Book" record holder for the most eggs frozen. Check out data resources American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), and Fertility Success Rates. SEASON 1 EPISODE 8 SPONSORS MyLab Box |  Nspire Network - Cherish Pads | Future Family |  Vino Diva | Social Media @EggologyClub | +1 978-EGG-CLUB | |
  • S1 E7: Having It All - Eggology Club

    DAILY YOKE Dr. Pepper Schwartz of the reality tv show, Married At First Sight joins the girls from Eggology Club to discuss the modern changes of families, relationships, and individualism from the past. Learn about Dr. Pepper's secrets and personal story to having it all and how to use current technology advancements to benefit your future. SEASON 1 EPISODE 7 SPONSORS Extend Fertility |  BeSafe Meds  |  Vino Diva | Social Media @EggologyClub | +1 978-EGG-CLUB | |