cover art for The Grammys, Beyoncé, AI in the arts, new music from Brittany Howard, Chris Rosenau, and more!


The Grammys, Beyoncé, AI in the arts, new music from Brittany Howard, Chris Rosenau, and more!

Season 14, Ep. 547

In this episode, Eduardo and Kevin dive into the unforgettable Grammy performances by Tracy Chapman and Joni Mitchell, Beyoncé's groundbreaking foray into Country music domination, the evolving landscape of AI in the arts, and much more!

Tune in now to hear all about it PLUS some killer new tracks from Brittany Howard, Chris Rosenau, Time In The Wilderness, and Katie McBride.


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  • 559. The Evolution Of Phish

    Most people know Phish for their marathon, mind-melting live performances, but on their 16th album Evolve, they are reminding listeners that there was a time, long ago, when the band made good-to-great, possibly even essential, albums. On this edition of Discologist, Eduardo and Kevin are digging into the latest release from the jamband titans, trying to figure out what a band the size of Phish really means, why songs may be more important than jams, and much more.
  • 558. Best Of 2024 (So Far)

    On this edition of Discologist, Eduardo and Kevin are looking back to discuss some of their favorite releases of the year so far.
  • 557. In Conversation: Gabriel Birnbaum

    Gabriel Birnbaum has been in love with music for as long as he can remember. Whether it was his early work on saxophone making free jazz, playing Ethiopian music in Debo Band, his more “pop” leaning work with Wilder Maker, or his career as one of the best music publicists in the business, he’s spent his life positively immersed in sound.On this edition of Discologist, Eduardo and Kevin are talking to Gabe about his latest effort Patron Saint of Tireless Losers, a collection of songs about well-intentioned losers with big hearts that drinks deeply from the sonic well of early aughts indie rock. Tune in to hear all about how the record came to life, how Wilco turned a self-proclaimed jazz-head into a fan of indie rock and more.
  • 556. In Conversation: Silverada’s Mike Harmeier

    Mike Harmeier, singer and chief-songwriter for the band Silverada (formerly known as Mike and The Moonpies) has a knack for crafting country songs that feel timeless (think the heyday of 90’s country/Outlaw Country) but never retro. On Silverada, the group’s new self-titled album, Mike and the band a re continuing in this tradition while managing to move the band, and country music, into some exciting new territory.On this edition of Discologist, Eduardo and Kevin are talking with Mike about his journey as a songwriter, why great songs are the core of his band no matter what name they go by, his love of the Eagles, and much, much more.
  • 555. In Conversation: Rich Ruth

    Mike Ruth, a long-time staple of the Nashville indie rock scene, made a career playing in other people’s bands before he stepped into the spotlight with his own material in 2019 under the moniker Rich Ruth.Over the course of four albums, his sound and identity as a composer has continued to evolve and on his latest release, Water Still Flows (out 6/21 on Third Man Records), Ruth has built upon the success of his “experiments” heard on 2020’s critically acclaimed I Survived, It’s Over to deliver a brash, beautiful, and spiritual explosion of sound unlike anything you’ve heard this year.On this edition of Discologist, Eduardo and Kevin had the pleasure of sitting down with Ruth to talk about the new album, finding the spirit in the art you make, performing as a sideman vs doing his own thing, and much more.
  • 554. New music from Lillian King, Alan Braufman, Willi Carlisle and more!

    On this episode of Discologist, Eduardo and Kevin are spinning new-to-you tracks from Chicago singer/songwriter Lillian King, free jazz from revered saxophonist Alan Braufman, and modern folk by way of Arkansas from Willi Carlisle.PLUS! DOJ is telling Live Nation and Ticketmaster that they just can’t be that into each other anymore, Apple Music drops the ultimate clickbait listicle, and more! 
  • 553. In Conversation: Ladybird's Pete McDermott

    Over the past few years, Milwaukee’s Ladybird have been refining their sound on stages all over town and with the release of their debut album Amy Come On Home, it’s clear that all hard work has paid off. With roots firmly and unashamedly planted in the sounds of Uncle Tupelo and Drive-By Truckers, and a wit that echoes the work of John Prine, the four-piece outfit is just the shot in the arm that alt-country has been waiting for.On this edition of Discologist, Eduardo and Kevin are chatting with chief songwriter and lead singer Pete McDermott about his band, their brand-new album, and much, much more. 
  • 552. New music from Raye, The North Country, Hour, Castle Rat, and more!

    On this episode of Discologist, Eduardo and Kevin explore fresh neo-soul vibes from Raye, indie-pop from Washington, D.C.'s The North Country, innovative classical sounds from Michael Cormier-O’Leary’s musical collective Hour, and the electrifying Dungeons and Dragons-inspired rock of Castle Rat.PLUS! Eduardo experienced Phish at Las Vegas’s Sphere and is here to tell you all about it, a showdown between the hype-machine and Cindy Lee, Taylor Swift makes a luke-warm return, Randy Travis delves into the realm of A.I., and much more!
  • 551. In Conversation: Bill Frisell

    On this edition of Discologist, Eduardo and Kevin sit down with music legend Bill Frisell to discuss his latest release on Blue Note Records, Orchestras.Conceived with his longtime friend and collaborator Michael Gibbs, Orchestras sees Frisell and his trio (Thomas Morgan on bass and Rudy Royston on drums) teaming up with the 60-piece Brussels Philharmonic and the 11-piece Umbria Jazz Orchestra. Together, they explore songs that have been staples of Frisell's setlists for years in electrifying and groundbreaking new ways. Tune in now to hear about Orchestras, the power of togetherness, and much more on this very special episode of Discologist!