cover art for April 18th is the Tax Filing Deadline - Last Minute Tips!

Two Black Guys with Good Credit

April 18th is the Tax Filing Deadline - Last Minute Tips!

Season 16, Ep. 266

The Deadline to file your taxes is April 18th. All of the major changes to tackle COVID are all set to expire which may have direct impact on your tax filings. You don't want to leave money on the table or pay our favorite Uncle Sam more than he deserves. Pod'up good people and let's make sure we get all that we deserve and maybe a little more (shhhhhhh)!

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  • 283. Where to Invest When Interest Rates Fall

    Interest rates falling to where do we stash the cash??? This episode we break it down the best places to stash your money. Pod'up good people let's get it poppin!
  • 282. 2024 Mid Year Financial Goals Reset

    Hello good people, this episode is all about resetting. Taking a honest review of your 2024 financial goals and seeing if you're on target and if not reassess or making alternate plan. This so will either mess with your conscious or make you feel you're on the right financial track for 2024. Pod'up good people and let's review this year's financial goals.
  • 281. Inflation Dropping. Groceries Rising. What's up with that!

    In this episode we discuss with the decline in inflation but yet the rise in grocery prices. This makes no sense and it even has economist scratching their heads. Well, we at Two Black Guys with Good Credit have the let's pod up good people and listen up!
  • 280. Top 10 Financial Spring Cleaning Tips

    We are back!! Yes, Matt and Shaun are back for a new season with Financial Tips to make sure you live or begin to live that financial free life. This episode we discuss the Top Financial Spring Cleaning Tips that will assist you with keeping your finances in order. Pod'up good people and let's get it started!
  • 279. 7 Ways to Consolidate Your Debt

    This episode Matt and Shaun provide 7 ways to consolidate that high credit card debt. They provide great tips on how to lower your interest rates and your monthly payments. Pod'up good people you don't want to miss this episode!
  • 278. The Key Ingredients to Success!

    Hello good people, this episode Matt and Shaun provide the 6 key ingredients to achieve success. If you apply these ingredients to your life regardless of what you do we GUARANTEE you will achieve SUCCESS!! Pod'up because this episode is for you!!
  • Wealthy People Shop at the Dollar Store

    High-earning Americans who previously shunned discount stores like the Dollar Store and The Dollar Tree are now spending time looking in the aisles looking for bargains. Discount or thrift shopping is now not only for the tight budget families but for the rich and famous. This episode we discuss why the sudden change.
  • To Work From Home or Work From the Office...That is the Question!

    Post COVID employers are either demanding you to come back to work at the office, allowing a flex schedule, or continue to let you work from home. Today's episode discuss what is the best move for you! Matt and Shaun break down what makes the most sense and what will help further your career. Pod'up people and lets figure this out!
  • 275. 50 Years of HipHop and its Financial Impact

    This year HipHop is celebrating its 50th anniversary and we decided to "Two Black Guys" it and talk about the financial impact has had over the last 50 years. Has communities benefitted or is just an elite 1%. I love my HipHop but lets talk money and HipHop, pod up ggod people and let's get it crackin!