24 Hours in Isolation


24 Hours in Isolation; the full story

Season 3, Ep. 1
In music, spoken word and drama, these are the untold experiences of isolation.


Before Covid19, before "self isolation" and "social distancing", there was already an epidemic of loneliness in British society. It is most acute in North East England, where 53% of adults feel lonely. It's time we told their stories. Musicians, poets, producers, writers and comedians from the region have united to create an unprecedented 24hour audio experience that does just that.


A new story was released on this page every hour, on the hour, from midnight on 21st June 2020. Now you can hear all 24 of them in a single collection.

Each introduces a different person. Some you'll recognise, some you'll meet for the first time. They're short because a good story can connect with you in just a few minutes, just as you can connect with another human in the time it takes a kettle to boil. So make a cuppa, settle in for the next 40minutes and join us in breaking down the walls of isolation.


Together we will beat loneliness.



The complete collection24 episodes, from 12midnight to 11pm


There will be hungry supermarket staff heading to work the wee hours, nervous joggers circling parks, confused older people waiting for social care workers to arrive, autistic school children singing to themselves. As well as sports coaches losing their online audience to Joe Wicks, tired nurses pinning doves on the doors of dying patients, parents hiding from home schooling and lonely neighbours having “just one more bottle of wine”. And much much more.


The complete running order

12:00am, when the kids are in bed, written/performed by Emily Wiseman

1:00am, on the ventilator, written/performed by Oli Welham

2:00am, Mulberry House, written/performed by Rachel Burns

3:00am, cold air, written/performed by Lindsay Hannon, and WHO benefits, written/performed Viv Wiggins

4:00am, we all wake up alone, written/performed Tracey Tofield

5:00am, leaving for work, written by Allison Davies and performed by Jessica Johnson

6:00am, joggers in the park. written by Claire Tustin and performed by Steve Byron

7:00am, breakfast alone, written/performed by Beccy Owen

8:00am, good morning gabba, written/performed by Donald Jenkins

9:00am, home fitness, written Mhairi Ledgerwood and performed by Sarah Boulter

10:00am, another bloody Zoom meeting, written/performed by Claire Tustin

11:00am, home schooling, written/performed by Kelly Rickard

12:00pm, talking to my carer, written/performed by Allison Davies, and Lockdown Social, written/performed by Rowan McCabe

1pm, nurse story part 1, written/performed by John Scott

2pm, young, broke, on benefits, written by Sky Hawkins and performed by Luke Maddison

3pm, leaving school, written/performed by Emily Wiseman

4pm, here we are now, written/performed by Tracey Tofield, and nurse story part 2, written/performed by John Scott

5pm, 6 feet apart at the supermarket, written/performed by Oli Welham

6pm. normal or now, written/performed by Amy Mitchell and the watch party. written Mhairi Ledgerwood and performed Bob Nicholson

7pm, little songs, written by Rachel Burns, performed by Luke Maddison

8pm, I left without the money, written/performed by Claire Tustin

9pm, another bottle of wine, written/performed by Viv Wiggins

10pm, grief, written by Rachel Burns and performed by Ben Dickenson

11pm, the comedian, written/performed by John Scott



Production team


Producer: Ben Dickenson

Associate producer: Sky Hawkins

Sound supervisor: Matt Tuckey


All episodes have been recorded by artists and performers in their own homes.


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