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Education, Technology & Public Schools w/ Special Guest Kia Brooks

Season 2, Ep. 6

On this week’s episode of the 2 Cool Parents Podcast your fav 2 Cool Hosts (Will + Shea) are back with Part One of our 2 Cool Parents After Dark! This is a 2-part series featuring our special guest Kia Brooks (@1nonlymsbrooks), Owner of Relax, Relate, Reclaim Counseling Services, LLC and 16 year veteran technology teacher right here in Southern New Jersey.

Kia’s passion is counseling young children from toddlers to school age towards success (however that’s defined in your household). As a technology educator for the past 16 years in the public school system, Kia stresses the importance of teaching and using technology to help your children succeed in a world that has become so tech driven! 

“Teaching kids that it’s just not computers and games, technology is everywhere.” 

— Kia Brooks 

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