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Tim Burgess (The Charlatans, Tim's Twitter Listening Party, Books)

Ep. 78

Tim Burgess of The Charlatans, books and Tim's Twitter Listening Party joins to me discuss: his recent EP Ascent Of The Ascended, Gorilla TV, early days of The Charlatans, their work ethic, his moving to LA, starting O Genesis Recordings and how it revigorated him him, managing himself, meeting Heavenly Recordings and working with The Chemical Brothers, being in New York when lockdown hit, plans of boxsets for The Charlatans' 30th Anniversary, flying a Micro Light in The Ascent Of The Ascended's video (directed by Tim Pope), his Soho Radio vinyl session

Order Ascent Of The Ascended EP (Bella Union) here

Find Tim's Twitter Listening Party here

Watch Gorilla TV here

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Songs: Tim Burgess 'The Ascent Of The Ascended', Cock Sparrer 'Working'

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