101 Part Time Jobs hosted by Giles Bidder


Kathryn Woods (Fresh)

Ep. 103

Kathryn Woods of Fresh joins us this week talking about being confident in yourself, writing for yourself, having good communication in your group, how indie/punk rock is written about, being a music writer so she could see more bands play, being active about trying to join bands as a teenager, getting an early write up on PropertyofZack, the importance on Bandcamp's functionality, the band being a refuge during rough teenage years, going to university in London after clearing, moving to France for a year to teach and the effect that year had on her, suffering mental health illnesses and the impact that has on her band life, plus LOTS more...

Fresh's new EP The Summer I Got Good at Guitar is out now through Specialist Subject Records - order your record here

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Songs: Fresh 'My Redemption Arc', Cock Sparrer 'Working'

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