101 Part Time Jobs hosted by Giles Bidder


Karthik Poduval (Mera Bhai)

Ep. 105

Mera Bhai (aka Karthik Poduval) joins me to talk about being a chef at a rehabilitation centre, Flamingods, studying 3D design, running club nights, the shift in London clubbing, The Birds Nest in Deptford, the concept of inclusivity in Mera Bhai, becoming a producer, living in Albania, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Italy growing up, eating on tour, levelling up on tour riders, using lockdown to level up, Moshi Moshi, Squeeze and Nile Rodgers and more...

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Songs: Mera Bhai 'You, Me, Us - with Andrew Ashong', Cock Sparrer 'Working'

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