101 Part Time Jobs hosted by Giles Bidder

Giles Bidder (Soho Radio, the i) investigates the other jobs bands have worked to keep themselves afloat. Produced by Mighty Moon Media.

Giles Bidder

Hi! I'm Giles Bidder and I interview, produce, host and do the artwork for 101 Part Time Jobs. I recently set up a production company which now hosts the pod, called Mighty Moon Media. I write a weekly music column in The i Paper, something I use to wrangle bands to let me interview them. I also present Modern Lovers on Soho Radio playing new indie, folk and punk rock. In my years touring in bands, I loved hearing stories from touring members' home lives. So I started pressing record and getting them on tape! Hopefully it's worth it. www.mightymoonmedia.com www.sohoradiolondon.com