A Thousand And One Nights


Follow the Judge 4

Season 10, Ep. 4

You’re on your hands and knees in the tall grass, your skirt bunched up around your waist, too scared to move. You wish you could run, but when someone gives you an order it feels so hard to disobey. Suddenly you see a man in the darkness. It’s Max! You’re saved! He rescued you when you were playing pool and you’re sure he will rescue you now. You hear him yell Follow the Judge and he walks slowly over to you. Hi Princess, you hear him say, what are you doing down there? Max crouches down in the grass and talks to you gently, smoothing your skirt and your hair, just like your daddy always does. But just when you are beginning to feel a lot better and feel ready to find your dad, Max tells you that you need to obey the rules of the game. He tells you that he brought you something to help you obey. It’s a collar and a leash. He fastens it on your neck and tells you that you're his prisoner now. You have to do whatever the judge says and he’s the judge. Just like the rules say. It’s only fair, princess...Then he pulls on your leash and walks quickly ahead of you, prisoner in tow, back into the maze.

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All Hallows' Eve at Alpha Alpha Alpha Fraternity

Season 14, Ep. 1
It’s an unseasonably warm day in October in your freshman year of college and as you’re lying on the grass reading, a shadow falls over you and you look up. A guy is inviting you to be a model at a party his frat is hosting. It’s a Halloween party for their alumni and they’re paying girls $1000 just to show up and be eye candy for the night. You’re shocked that they asked you. This must be a prank. He thought you could be a model?! You’ve always been so insecure about your body so you almost dismiss the thought of going immediately…but the more you think about it, the more your curiosity starts getting the better of you. You have heard some ridiculous urban legends about this fraternity and you’re super curious to see what it’s like inside. So Halloween night you force yourself to show up. What’s the worst that could happen?So far so good. They’re expecting you. The inside of the fraternity is like a 5 star hotel and it’s all decked out for Halloween with candelabras and chandeliers full of real candles. They must have some industrial strength fog machine, too, because the place is foggier than a high school performance of Phantom of the Opera. You’re ushered through the servant’s quarters into the wardrobe room where there are racks of designer custom Halloween costumes for the girls to choose from. But there’s only one problem...these are more like costumes for strippers. No, you don’t think even strippers would wear costumes this small. You’ve never worn anything like this in public in your life! But you can’t turn back now. You’ve almost infiltrated the notorious Alpha Alpha Alpha fraternity and it is a lot of money. All you have to do is flirt and look sexy… You can do this… What could go wrong?One part story. 18:20 length.