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On a Wave

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1000 Jumpers close out the month of October with a Halloween special. They start off with week 8 of the NFL season, trades at the deadline, the NBA (Warriors on fire, Wizards, trash, etc) and the latest UMD scandal.

After their sports debate, the music was just as passionate. Nicki vs Cardi has reached a new plateau so the duo discuss, Pharrell sends a cease & desist to Trump over his song "Happy." From their they talk new music releases from Tory Lanez, MihTy, NAO, and Rapsody featuring J. Cole.

The podcast final topics were about the Pittsburgh shooting and the pipe bombs being sent across the country. So press play and enjoy

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Recorded on October 31, 2018

Order of conversation / Time Stamps

Theme Music

1000 Jumpers theme performed by KP Marino (@kpmarinoo)


NFL Week 8 1:56

NBA 24:00

UMD drama 39:45


Nicki vs Cardi 42:00

Pharrell cease & desist to Trump 49:49

MihTy 51:22 | https://mihty.lnk.to/MihTy

Tory Lanez 53:03 | http://smarturl.it/LMN

NAO 56:41 | http://smarturl.it/saturnlaunch 

Rapsody 58:24 | https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sojourner-feat-j-cole/1440228974?i=1440228992&app=music

Pop Culture / Twitter

Pittsburgh shooting 1:00:16

Pipe Bombs 1:05:17

Shoutouts and Outro

Sojourner by Rapsody featuring J. Cole (@Rapsody @JColeNC) | https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sojourner-feat-j-cole/1440228974?i=1440228992&app=music

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More Episodes


The Cycle Continues

Dapper J and Bobby G return with a packed episode as they continue to discuss the current racial tension going on. They start with their take on the NBA & WNBA returning along with certain players not wanting to play. They discuss college football from Reggie Bush being reinstated to Clemson's coach Dabo Swinney stance on Black Lives Matter.The duo transitions to music as they start with Lil Baby's new song The Bigger Picture, new albums from Chloe x Halle, Tsu Surf, Seddy Hendrinx and Sy Ari Da Kid.The show gets heavy as Dap and Bobby detail their opinions on the death of Rayshard Brooks and Toyin Salau, Dave Chappelle's 8:46 special. They lighten up with B. Simone hot takes followed by Dap's opinion on Da 5 Bloods and their stance on Insecure season finale.So press play, tweet Dap and Bobby your review and tell a friend to do the same.As an avid listener, here is the merch link, bit.ly/1000jumpersmerch.Recorded on June 16, 2020.WE DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE COPYRIGHTED MUSIC. DON'T DELETE THE EPISODEOrder of conversation / Time StampTheme MusicThe Struggle Olympics by Shawn Waddell (@itsbigSHAWN_)SportsNBA and WNBA return | 4:33Reggie Bush return | 13:40Dabo Swinney | 20:10MusicLil Baby | 26:30 | https://youtu.be/_VDGysJGNoIChloe x Halle | 29:00 | https://chloexhalle.lnk.to/UngodlyHourTsu Surf | 33:33 | https://music.apple.com/us/album/msykm/1515344462Seddy Hendrinx | 36:36 | https://seddyhendrinx.lnk.to/BHDSy Ari Da Kid | 39:26 | https://cinqreleas.es/atoxicheartbreakPop Culture / TwitterRIP Rayshard Brooks | 44:43RIP Toyin Salau | 50:128:46 by Dave Chappelle | 54:09 | https://youtu.be/3tR6mKcBbT4B. Simone | 58:24Da 5 Bloods | 1:02:07Insecure | 1:05:29Shoutouts and OutroBlack Bird by CP (@tooCHRIS_P)Merch link: bit.ly/1000jumpersmerchTwitter:@1000_jumpers, @DapperJ & @BobbyGeorge413,Instagram:@1000jumpers, @theonlydapperj & @bobbygeorge413Fanlink:https://podlink.to/1000JumpersiTunes:bit.ly/DBG1KSpotify:bit.ly/1JSpotifyGoogle Play:bit.ly/1000JGPiHeartRadio:bit.ly/1JiHeartRadioStitcher:bit.ly/1JStitcherTuneIn: bit.ly/1000tuneinSoundcloud: http://bit.ly/1kjumpers