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Emmy Award Winner Tom Skerritt, You Can Do It, Ya Just Gotta Keep Moving

I'm super psyched about this week's guest, none other than Emmy Award Winner Tom Skerritt. You might know him from his iconic roles in Top Gun, The River Runs Through It, Alien, M*A*S*H*, and Picket Fences. We chat about his humble beginnings in Detroit, to his first films with none other than Robert Redford, Sydney Pollack and Robert Altman.

Tom's love for art and creativity have lead him to start the company Triple Squirrels and the EVRGRN channel, focusing on sharing stories that bring us inspiration, light and hope. This conversation is one that all young actors can learn from, about how to approach their art and how to keep a positive attitude in such an up and down career, as Tom says "just keep movin' kid, just keep movin'...."

Guest Links

EVRGRN Channel – View on Demand: https://evrgrnchannel.com/VOD

Triple Squirrels Website: https://www.triplesquirrels.com/

Twitter – EVRGRN: @EvrgrnC

Twitter – Tom Skerritt: @TRSkerritt

Twitter – Leslie Grandy: @Gearheadgal

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In this excerpt from one of our weekly Live Zoom calls with the 10,000 NOs Insiders Community, our monthly VIP, Xavier Dean, shares some very specific branding and marketing knowledge that he used to go from homeless to owning a 7-figure real estate company, a branding company, and boasting an Instagram platform with 1.3M followers. He has taken what he learned in business and applied it to his newfound acting career which has far exceeded my expectations from when I met him. But underneath all of the mechanics is a simple philosophy he believes, exemplified through this quote, "Well, before we just help you create a brand, you need to tell us, how does the world perceive you? Because we can work around the brand on how you think the world perceives you but you need to go out there and ask random people, 'When you think about me, what're the first few things you think of?' Because that is ultimately your story, and that's how you start working your brand."Monday Morsels are the short-form companion to our Friday Interviews of 10,000 NOs... brief riffs on the show's central topics & themes as food for thought to chew on throughout your week.It is not the critic who counts. If you’ve been knocked down... get up, dust yourself off, and get back in the arena. If you want to give back, share this with someone who could use it and leave a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen, so more people find this show and benefit from these conversations.If you dig the show, CLICK HERE to learn how you can make this experience 3D by joining our 10,000 NOs Insiders Community: access to a members-only Facebook group, intimate, weekly Live video calls with Matt, including monthly drop-ins with some of his badass past-guests & VIP friends and more. SHOW LINKS:10,000 NOs: THE BOOKSUBSCRIBE TO OUR (WEEKLY) NEWSLETTERFOLLOW MATT ON SOCIALFIND OUT HOW YOU CAN BE A 10,000 NOs INSIDER