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Actress Sarah Shahi, What Doesn’t Kill You Can Only Make You Stronger

Sarah Shahi is beautiful. But despite having graced the covers of countless magazines, it would be wrong to call that her defining quality. To sit down with her is to discover that she has humor, strength and grit that exceeds the average person. Perhaps her steel was forged in the fires of growing up one of the few Iranian immigrants in Texas, or maybe it was from surviving an abusive father who, addicted to drugs, held a gun to her head at the tender age of 6. Either way, this former Pageant Champion turned Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader had enough life force, and the help of an incredibly fierce mother and multiple women's shelters, to find a way out of Texas and onto our television and film screens since 2001. You may know Sarah from "City on a Hill", "The L Word", "Life", "Fairly Legal" and "Person of Interest", this is her story.

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