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100& Hits Vol 4 Side B with Geraldine Quinn

Ep. 8

Music boffin Geraldine Quinn joins me to discuss Side B of Volume 4 where we somehow discuss having sex with ghosts in hotel rooms


1 -Diesel –Tip Of My Tongue

2 – Voice of the Beehive - I Think I Love You

3 -U2 –One

4 -Candy Harlot’s –Sister's Crazy

5 -Concrete Blonde –Ghost Of A Texas Ladies' Man

6 -The Clouds –Anthem

7 -Julian Lennon –Help Yourself (Edit)

8 -Shakespear’s Sister–Stay (Radio Mix)

9- The 12th Man Featuring MCG Hammer–Marvellous

Hear the songs here https://open.spotify.com/playlist/01M07OINcslhKVH9tnB5yI?si=85a96058a1034018

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