10 steps to attaining good mental health

The number of sick leave due to mental illness has been increasing for years. A common reason is a stress in the workplace. What can companies do for the mental health of their employees?

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Step 1: Accept yourself

  • Look benevolently at yourself in the mirror and consider which part of your body you particularly like.
  • Write down 50 success stories in your life. That sounds like a lot, but you will. These can be big successes, but also the small, inconspicuous successes of everyday life.
  • Ask people close to you what they particularly appreciate about you.
  • Make a habit of writing down 3 things each night that you did well today. Buy Dilaudid 8mg online
  • Dance again and feel your whole body.
  • Talk positively about yourself - to others, but also to yourself. So try to avoid insulting yourself and thinking, for example: "I stupid, what have I done wrong again!"
  • Rather, treat yourself with humor and try to laugh at mistakes and mishaps.
  • Try not to compare yourself to others. Nobody leads a perfect life, we only ever experience partial aspects with others. Social media can also lead to us being dissatisfied with ourselves and our lives. If you find that other people's perfect profiles are causing you stress, get out of the networks.
  • Celebrate when something goes well and pat yourself on the shoulder.

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Questions to ask yourself:
  • What do I like about myself, where am I satisfied with myself?
  • What makes me happy and satisfied in my environment?
  • What did I succeed in today, where can I laugh at a mistake?
“Mental health cannot be taken for granted. Just as we keep our body fit, we can also do it with the psyche. There are many ways to do this - the important thing is to feel comfortable and have fun. " - Dr. Günter Klug

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